STEM Women Launch Skills Workshop Series

Jan 24, 2023 Careers AdviceEventsResources 5 minutes read

New for 2023! We are launching a series of skills workshops themed around career confidence. These free sessions will take place virtually and will run throughout the months of January, February and March. From overcoming imposter syndrome, to developing your personal brand, and tips on how to get the most out of careers events, these workshops will give you the tools you need to succeed!

These sessions will be hosted by STEM Women’s Pam McGee, with special guests and practical tips and tricks. Take a look at our upcoming workshops and don’t forget to register for your free ticket!

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Wednesday 25th January 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

Our first workshop of the series will be focused on imposter syndrome. Have you ever had the sense that you’re not up to the job, or that you don’t fit in? That feeling of self-doubt can creep into your everyday life, and it can happen to anyone. Imposter syndrome can be scary, especially for those just starting out in their careers!

STEM students, join us for this 45 minute workshop where we’ll share advice for growing self-confidence and banishing imposter syndrome…or at least managing it during those crucial career-building moments.

Guest speakers – Amanda Jahn – Product Design Manager and Co-Chair Her, and Vassia Simaiaki – Engineering Director AML from Hudl.

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Starting Your STEM Career Search – Wednesday 1st February 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

When it comes to starting your job search, where do you start? With so much to consider (what sector? which location? how to apply?) it can be an overwhelming process! In this 45 minute session, a panel of experts will share their tips for getting started with your career search in STEM industries.

With years of recruitment experience under their belts, our experts have worked with major employers across science, tech, engineering and finance sectors, and they will be on hand to offer invaluable guidance.

Guest speakers – Mark Newland and Jodie Murray, Recruitment Consultants from STEM Graduates.

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Developing Your Personal Brand – Wednesday 8th February 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

As our working lives increasing move in the virtual world, it’s important to develop a strong personal brand online. We all need to make the most of every chance to impress and stand out from the crowd, especially when searching for that first job or placement.

This session will help you be your authentic self and provide tips on how to showcase your skills and talent in a saturated jobs market. We will focus on professional platforms like LinkedIn, as well as in person.

Guest speakers – LinkedIn Representative and Chanelle Pattinson, Her Future Bright.

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How to Network at Careers Event – Wednesday 1st March 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

Attending networking events may seem daunting to many people, but they can be hugely beneficial when starting out in your career. In this session learn how networking can work for everyone and find out more about what careers fairs are, plus how they could help you in your job search.

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to our workshop speakers during a Q&A!

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Top Tips for Interviews and Applications – Wednesday 8th March 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

Are you actively applying for roles and opportunities, but need a little help when it comes to your applications and interviews? This workshop will provide you with some invaluable insights into the process, highlighting what recruiters are looking for and boosting your confidence.

This is such an exciting time in your career journey but, understandably, it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking! Our experts have been through this process themselves and are here to give you their top tips for success.

Guest speaker – Amanda Jahn – Product Design Manager and Co-Chair Her from Hudl.

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Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace – Wednesday 15th March 2023
12:00 – 12:45 GMT

Our final workshop will focus on how to advocate for yourself during recruitment processes and as you transition into your graduate role in the workplace. We’ll share important tips and guidance on ways to feel confident in the workplace and how you can contribute towards a working environment that’s inclusive for all.

Guest speakers – Vassia Simaiaki – Engineering Director AML from Hudl and Dr. Charlotte Chapman, Strategic Marketing Manager at Sterling Pharma.

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Each of these sessions will be run on zoom and attendees will receive a link 24hrs before the workshop. For more information on our upcoming workshops, or to find out more about STEM Women graduate careers events, take a look at our 2023 listings.

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