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Sign up to a careers event, network with attendees, deliver presentations and promote opportunities.

We host networking events for STEM students, recent graduates and experienced hires, giving you the opportunity to meet diverse talent, promote your roles, programmes and other opportunities and raise the profile of your employer brand.

Our events cover the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia and offer a range of packages for employers, from sponsorship to speaker, premium and basic packages.


Job Board & Digital Services

Post your roles on our job board

Advertise your roles and graduate opportunities to our STEM Women community and find the best talent for your company. Our job platform allows you to post jobs which reach a diverse talent pool, with a range of packages to suit your recruitment budget.

Feature in our newsletter, write a guest blog or post on our social channels.

Promote your company, roles or events through a blog post or give your job posting a boost through our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram). You can also choose to feature in our newsletters.


Recruitment Consultancy

Work with a recruitment partner who can introduce candidates from our STEM Women community who possess commercial experience.

STEM Women’s recruitment consultants help employers who want to receive more applications from candidates who identify as female and non-binary. We achieve this by introducing roles to our community of 100,000 women, who follow us on social media channels or who have registered with us. Typically, our clients are working in industries which have a gender imbalance, such as Financial Services, Technology, Engineering, and Consultancy.



STEM Women events held online or face-to-face since 2018.


Companies have exhibited at a STEM Women event.


STEM student and graduate community members

Our STEM Women Community

We have held over 90 careers events, covering the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Germany and Australia, which has helped us to grow our global community. We promote inclusivity in all its forms and are proud that 45% of attendees answering a question relating to ethnicity identified as BAME, with 9% stating they were members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The most common courses our attendees were studying during our autumn 2022 events were Computer Science, Data or Mathematics related (32%) followed by Finance and Business (24%), and Engineering (18%). Our community is made up of students studying or recently graduated from an undergraduate, masters or PhD course. Of our autumn 2022 event attendees, 38% were in their final year with 35% in their penultimate year, 18% in an early year and 9% already graduated.

How do we source our event attendees?

We use a range of different avenues to source our event attendees and grow our STEM Women community. From our established internal database of candidates to our specialist sourcing team, and digital marketing campaigns, we have built up a comprehensive process which has enabled us to continue to increase our event sign up numbers year on year. Alongside our inhouse methods, we also work closely with universities, societies, likeminded organisations, and advertising agencies to attract our target attendees. If you’d like to find out more about our processes, please get in touch with us!

Case Studies and Testimonials

What do our employer clients think of our events? How have STEM Women events created a pipeline of diverse talent?

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