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We host graduate careers events and promote exciting jobs which fall into a number of different sectors within STEM industries.


Working in Science

There are many amazing opportunities available in the science sector, including careers in research, new technologies, developing or refining manufacturing processes, or innovating medical solutions. If you work in the

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Working in Technology

A career in technology means working in the fastest-growing, fastest-changing and probably the most innovative career sector. It rewards creativity and initiative, but demands accuracy and massive attention to detail.

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Working in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the world. In many countries, this growth has led to a skills shortage and this is a need for talented

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Working in Financial Services

Financial services is a key sector for STEM students and graduates, offering a wealth of fantastic career opportunities. There’s much more to financial services than just investment banking, the sector

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Working in Consulting

Working in consulting is rewarding and fast-paced, with opportunities available in a vast range of industries and companies. Consultants provide expert opinions, analysis and recommendations to organisations or individuals, based

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