STEM Women Autumn Virtual Event Season Review 2020

Nov 19, 2020 Events 11 minutes read

After an uncertain start to the year, we took the difficult decision to move all of our Autumn 2020 events online. As the world got to grips with the new virtual way of life, so did we! We worked very hard to ensure our event season still went ahead, ensuring that our female STEM communities didn’t miss out on important opportunities that would shape their futures.

We’re so happy that our Autumn virtual event season was a huge success! The nature of our online events meant that we could connect even more female STEM students with our inspiring graduate employers. Our events saw us branch out further than we ever have before, covering the whole of the UK, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands!

We hosted 10 events, introducing 3,241 female STEM students and graduates to 133 potential employers. Each of our events combined virtual networking, employer insight talks, skills sessions and panel discussions.

Employers and students had a total of 7,911 conversations, sending 56,360 chat messages, and attendees submitted 1,830 job applications. Our attendees were predominately studying Computer Science, followed by Mathematics, Business Management, and Mechanical Engineering.

Financial Services Event
Tuesday 22nd September

The first event in our busy Autumn season was our Financial Services focused event. Sponsored by NatWest Market, this event was targeted towards female STEM students who were interested in starting a career in Financial Services. We welcomed 222 attendees to network with 6 employers, which included NatWest Markets, Mizuho, BlackRock, GIC, Barclays and MJ Hudson.

During the day, attendees and potential employers had an amazing 436 conversation, which totalled 4,199 chat messages! There were 140 job applications and during the live presentations, which featured talks and a panel session with women working in the industry, we had a peak audience of 202.

Our attendees were mainly from financial or technical degree backgrounds with the most common degree subjects being mathematics, followed by finance, economics and business.

Emma-Louise Curley, Associate, MJ Hudson highlighted how impressed her company was with the event: “The platform worked really well, we managed to speak in depth with 41 students, so in some ways it was a much more efficient and effective way of conducting the fair.”

London Technology – Graduate Careers Event
Monday 28th September

Next up, we hosted our first ever Technology sector specific event for students and graduates looking to start careers within the tech sector. On the event day we welcomed an amazing 353 attendees and 17 top employers. The event was sponsored by Bloomberg, who were joined by EY, MathWorks, Infosys, Altius Data, Gearset, KPMG, PA Consulting, ARM, Alacrity Foundation, Willmott Dixon, BAE Systems, Tessella, Gamesys, Nology, Gymshark and Abbott.

Over the event, attendees and potential employers had 1,117 conversations and sent a staggering 8,298 chat messages. Companies also had over 180 job applications! We enjoyed some inspiring talks from a range of women working in technology and had a peak live presentations audience of 344. Our attendees were predominantly from technical degree backgrounds, with the most common degree subjects being computer science, followed by mathematics and mechanical engineering.

The event ended with an inspiring skills session from Leadership Coach Sarah Perugia. She presented a session that focused on how to come across with passion and confidence in a virtual environment, giving attendees tips on how to implement strategic thinking.

Sahana Kasaru from PA Consulting described the event: “The event definitely aims to encourage female talent into the tech industry! It was a great opportunity for both employers and aspiring candidates to connect on a single virtual platform and share insights, a perfect place for passionate women looking for vibrant opportunities.”

Technology Professionals – Career Skills and Networking Event
Tuesday 29th September

After the success of our graduate focused technology event, we hosted our first career skills and networking event for early years professionals working in technology.  Sponsored by Bloomberg, the event focused on ‘career advancement’ and allowed attendees to network with a range of top tech employers, and hear insightful talks from industry speaker, career coaches and panellists.

We welcomed 264 attendees to network with 10 companies, which included Bloomberg, Gearset, Altius Data, Tractable, Willmott Dixon, BAE Systems, Tessella, Gamsys, Gymshark and Abbott. Attendees and employers had 178 conversations, sending 1,595 chat messages and submitting 64 job applications!

Attendees enjoyed a number of speaker sessions, an insightful panel session, a skills session from Sarah Perugia, plus an inspiring keynote speech from fintech champion Julia Streets.

Julia Streets – Keynote Speaker

South West and South Coast England, and South Wales Event
Monday 5th October

Following our sector specific events, we hosted the first of our UK regional events, beginning with the South West and South Coast England, and South Wales. We welcomed 283 female STEM students and graduates to network with 14 companies, including event sponsors National Grid, Rolls-Royce, KPMG, Ministry of Defence, Newton Europe, IPO, Welsh Water, General Dynamics, PwC, Atkins, APR, Baker Hughes, Virgin and Accenture.

Attendees and employers had a total of 789 conversations and sent 5,500 chat messages! We recorded a total of 157 job applications. The majority of attendees were studying computer science, followed by mechanical engineering, biology and biological sciences, mathematics and chemistry.

We enjoyed some truly inspiring speaker session from women working in STEM industries and heard some invaluable advice from our panellists.

Speaker session with Klara and Andjela from KPMG 

Yorkshire, North West and North East England Event
Thursday 8th October

Our next UK regional event was aimed at female students and graduates based in Yorkshire, the North West and North East England. A total of 334 attendees had the chance to virtually network with 14 employers, including PwC, EY, IHS Markit, Matillion, Astra Zeneca, Welsh Water, Covea Insurance, Baker Hughes, ARM, QA, Virgin, The Hut Group, KPMG and Accenture.

The event was a huge success, with attendees and potential employers having a total of 1,170 conversations and 6,896 chat messages. There were also 156 job applications during the event. Our attendees were predominately studying computer science degrees, followed by chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics.

Jane Prowse, Mechatronic Engineering student from the University of Manchester shared her thoughts: “I thought it was really helpful and a good alternative to a physical event. I found it useful to be able to look up information about the role and company while I spoke to the employers, so I could ask more detailed questions. Hopefully I’ll be successful from it too! Thank you for organising – I really enjoy STEM Women events and this was a really good one.”

Midlands Event
Monday 12th October

Our Midlands event was the halfway point in our Autumn season, and we saw 337 female STEM students and graduates attend. They had the chance to hear inspirational speaker session, a panel discussion and network with 14 top employers with opportunities in the Midlands. Our exhibitors included PwC, Rolls Royce, IMI, Goldman Sachs, EY, Air Liquide, ARM, Atkins, Baker Hughes, Bloomberg, British Transport Police, KPMH, Newton and Virgin Media.

Over the course of the day, attendees and employers had a total of 934 conversations which made up 6,757 chat messages!  During our insightful speaker and panel sessions, we had a peak audience of 247, and attendees submitted 209 job applications during the event.

Our attendees were predominantly studying Mathematics at university, followed closely by Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Chemical/Process Engineering.

One of the most inspiring stories of the day was from Adela Skendo, a Graduate Engineer at IMI. During her speaker session, she described how she attended the STEM Women event in Birmingham in 2019 as student, met her future colleagues on the stand and got her dream job with IMI!

The panellists

London and Home Counties Event
Monday 19th October

Sponsored by NatWest Markets, our London and Home Counties event was one of the largest of the event season. We saw 343 female STEM students and graduates log on to network virtually with 20 potential employers.

Our exhibitors included NatWest Markets, PwC, Poly AI, VMware, Virgin Media, AWE, Newton, Citrix, Flow Traders, KPMG, LIDL, British Transport Police, EDF Trading, Metaswitch, ARM, GE Digital, Kilburn & Strode, TJX, Analysys Mason and Dornan.

Throughout the day, attendees and potential employers had a total of 994 conversations and sent 8,263 chat messages. Companies also had a staggering 252 job applications over the course of the day!

The event enabled attendees to network with impressive employers, hear insightful speaker sessions, engage with a Q&A featuring representatives working within STEM industries and hear invaluable advice during a skills session. We enjoyed some inspiring talks from a range of representatives working in STEM industries and had a peak live presentations audience of 232. Our attendees were predominantly from STEM degree backgrounds, with the most common degree subjects being computer science, followed by mathematics.

Ireland Event
Wednesday 26th October

Next up in our Autumn schedule was our first event that covered the whole of Ireland! Sponsored by Xilinx, we invited 14 top employers to network with 376 attendees. Our exhibitors included Xilinx, VMware, Liberty IT, Edwards, Microsoft, Avanade, Eirgrid, Citrix, Bank of Ireland, Amazon, Cubicle Telecom, Workday, Google and Dornan Group.

Attendees and employers had 810 conversations, sending 5,326 chat messages in total. Whilst browsing company stalls, attendees also submitted 271 job applications. The most common degree subject studied by attendees was Computer Science and Data Science followed by Data Analytics.

We enjoyed a range of speaker sessions throughout the day, with attendees gaining invaluable advice about application processes and interview technique. They were also invited to join the audience of a panel session which featured women working in STEM industries.

Veda Mandavkar, an attendee studying MSc Cyber Security described how she found the event: “It was an amazing event. It was well organized including the before, during and after process of the event. I loved the aspect of having interview slots available for some companies which allowed me to talk with the company representatives via video call. I was very happy with the career fair and have made some amazing connections.”

The Panelists

Scotland Event
Wednesday 4th November

The penultimate event in our season was aimed at female STEM students and graduates based in Scotland. The event attracted a record 454 attendees, all looking to start their careers within a STEM industry. Attendees were invited to network virtually with 17 top employers, which included EY, Accenture, Baillie Gifford, Morgan Stanley, Baker Hughes, BlackRock, Blomberg, Cirrus Logic, Goldman Sachs, GFT, KPMG, Metaswitch, Newton, Network Rail, PwC, RBS and Velocity.

Over the course of the event, employers and attendees had a total of 1,200 conversation and sent 7,289 chat messages. There were also over 53 live job vacancies available on the platform and we recorded a staggering 304 job applications!

Alongside inspiring speaker session and an insightful panel session, attendees also enjoyed a unique skills session from Executive Leadership Coach Sarah Perugia. It focused on practical techniques to boost confidence during a virtual interview or assessment.

We received some fantastic feedback from both employers and attendees. Nicola Dochnenko, studying Computing highlighted how she found the event: “Hearing the experiences of other women in similar situations as me gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that I otherwise might not have applied for.”

Katie from BlackRock added: “Another fantastic event hosted by STEM Women! It was a pleasure to speak with so many engaged, motivated and talented women – we are looking forward to attending more events in the future.”

Netherlands Event
Thursday 12th November

Our final event was our very first to be aimed at attendees and employers based in the Netherlands. We welcomed 275 female STEM students and graduates, and 7 employers, including Liberty Global (Virgin Media), Edwards Vacuum, Optiver, Flow Traders, PwC, Mercury Engineering and IMC.

During the event employers and attendees had 283 conversations, sending 2,237 chat messages in total. Attendees also submitted 97 job application to live opportunities that were available on the platform. Our attendees were studying a range of STEM subjects at university, from Data Analytics, to Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Chemical Engineering and many more.

We enjoyed a range of speaker and panel sessions throughout the day and had a peak live presentations audience of 179.

Joanna Emmanouiliduo from Liberty Global shared her experience of being a panellist: “My first panel discussion experience was nothing but stellar. The advice and insights shared by my fellow panellists, women of all levels in various STEM fields, left me with a smile on my face and feeling more empowered than I would have imagined.”

Stela Florea, an attendee on the day described her experience: “Great event, very well organized, and amazing opportunity to interact with experienced women and recruiters from different industries. I highly recommend attending the future ones.”

​The Panelists

STEM Women Early 2021 Events!

After our hugely successful virtual Autumn event season, we are delighted to announce our early 2021 events! We will be hosting regional and sector-specific events across the UK, Ireland, Europe and for the first time, Australia. We will also be hosting company specific events for Assystem and other selected clients.  For more information, visit our events page or request a brochure. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates.