Turn your science-or-tech based business idea into a reality with the RSE Enterprise Fellowship

Turn your science-or-tech based business idea into a reality with the RSE Enterprise Fellowship

The RSE Enterprise Fellowship supports graduates, postgraduates, PhDs, academic researchers, or HEI staff members across all universities in the UK to develop their innovative science-or-tech-based idea into a world-class business. The Fellowship offers a tailored, equity-free support package of business development and training worth up to £100,000!

Benefits of the Fellowship:

  • Time to focus solely on refining your business idea,
  • One year's academic salary,
  • Cutting-edge training in business and entrepreneurship,
  • Up to £10,000 in business support funding,
  • Professional networking opportunities,
  • Access to mentorship.

As an RSE Enterprise Fellow, you will be equipped with the skills you will need to succeed in today's fast-paced global business environment.

Two application deadlines a year in spring and autumn. For more information, how to apply and tips on applying:


Can I apply?

The RSE Enterprise Fellowship is open to graduates, postgraduates, PhD students, academic researchers, or HEI staff members. Additionally:

  • Applicants must demonstrate proof of concept – commercial and technical,
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they can remain and work legally in the UK for the Enterprise Fellowship duration,
  • Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to full-time or part-time requirements,
  • Spin-out/shell companies not yet trading can apply, but companies who have generated significant investment or are generating substantial revenue cannot apply.


Alumni success

With businesses in sectors that range from life-saving drug development and discovery to sustainability and renewable energy, RSE Enterprise Fellows play a crucial role in tackling global challenges. They are helping to bring about a buoyant future economy, environment, and society in the UK and beyond.

Meet Alice Smith, CEO and Founder of SpeakUnique. SpeakUnique developed technology to create personalised, synthesised voices, creating a bespoke product that is either a close replica of a person's voice or a custom-built new voice according to the customers desired characteristics.

"Being able to share this entrepreneurial experience with the other RSE Enterprise Fellows has also been priceless as the personal and professional challenges faced in starting a business are huge, which make the support and advice during this journey really important."

- Genevieve Patenaude, CEO and co-founder of Earth Blox

"The RSE Enterprise Fellowship was a lifesaver for me. It gave me a runway to get the company off the ground and the tools and expertise to carve out the structure and purpose of the company."

- Caroline Barelle, CEO Elasmogen​

RSE Enterprise Fellowship is boosting the economy and society

Established in 1997, the Fellowship has supported over 272 graduates and researchers developing and launching new businesses. A report commissioned by the RSE has established that its Enterprise Fellowship programme has significantly boosted the Scottish, UK, and global economies. Carried out by economic consultancy BiGGAR Economics (2019), the evaluation and economic impact assessment found that the programme has added almost £170m to annual global gross value added (GVA), including £77 million in Scotland. It has led to the creation of more than 3,000 jobs, nearly half (1,395) in Scotland and over 200 businesses.

  • 93% of Enterprise Fellows start news businesses,
  • 25% of Enterprise Fellows have started multiple businesses,
  • 81% still operating after five years.*

*the average survival rate at 5 years for spin-outs and technology start-ups is 45%

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