Top Tips for Internships

Mar 05, 2024 Careers Advice 3 minutes read

As it’s National Careers Week (4th – 9th March), we’re focussing on the importance of work experience with some top tips for internships! Find out what our current intern, Orlaith, has learned through her internship experience as she shares her top tips.

Excitement and Determination

When you hear “internship,” you probably picture someone grabbing coffees and making endless photocopies, right? I also had that misconception too before starting my internship at STEM Women. But let me tell you, my experience as an event marketing intern  has been a total eye opener! Going into a professional environment was so exciting – my first real taste of the working world. I was excited but also low-key nervous since I hadn’t worked in that type of fast-paced office setting before. Despite the nerves, I was determined to smash it and soak up as much knowledge as I could.

Orlaith’s top five tips for a successful internship

One thing that really blew me away from the start was the level of responsibility I was given. From day one, I was trusted to analyse content for STEM Women’s social media channels and assist with some marketing campaigns. That autonomy allowed me to actively apply my skills and gain invaluable hands-on experience right away.

1 – Don’t be afraid to take on real projects
It’s the best way to level up quickly.

Working as part of STEM Women’s small but mighty team has been an absolute joy. Even as the intern, I never once felt like an outsider. My colleagues went out of their way to make me feel welcome, ensuring I understood everything and providing guidance whenever I needed it. That supportive environment helped me find my footing so much faster and feel like a truly valued part of the team.

2 – Nurture connections with your co-workers
They can become amazing mentors.

I won’t lie, when I first started, I stressed that my degree background didn’t perfectly align with event marketing. But I quickly learned that having a directly relevant degree isn’t the be-all-and-end-all for employers. What mattered most was my ability to communicate effectively, genuine enthusiasm for the role, and eagerness to keep learning. This experience taught me that transferable skills are incredibly valuable, and companies dig qualities like a positive attitude and willingness to grow just as much.

3 – Don’t sell yourself short
Your raw skills and mindset can be just as appealing.

Throughout the internship, I was fortunate to attend various STEM Women events and work hand-in-hand with the team to execute successful campaigns and initiatives. Getting that immersive, real-world experience proved invaluable for truly understanding the events industry and what it takes to excel in this fast-paced field.

4 – Whenever you can, immerse yourself fully in the work
Hands-on learning is unbeatable

Looking back now, I can confidently say my time as a STEM Women event marketing intern exceeded all expectations. I walked away with robust practical experience under my belt, sharpened professional skills, and a stellar network of industry connections that will undoubtedly benefit me going forward. If you’re considering an internship, I can’t emphasise enough how amazing the growth opportunities are – just go for it! It could be your golden chance to learn, grow, and maybe even kick-start your dream career.

5 – Approach your internship with an open mind and willingness to learn.
You never know where it could lead!