Industry SectorConsulting
Company TypeLarge Enterprise

Kubrick and STEM Women

We have worked with Kubrick since 2019, promoting their technology and consulting roles through job board and digital packages, and welcoming them to three of our graduate careers events! The Kubrick team have presented some fantastic speaker sessions during our events and have recently hired 3 graduates via our channels. Kubrick are an award-winning consultancy that’s committed to closing the digital skills gap and making data, AI, and technology accessible for all. They do this by hiring graduates and junior professionals without any relevant skills or experience in data, AI, or technology, and paying them to train over 15 weeks.

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A commitment to diversity

“At Kubrick, we not only strive to bridge the skills-gap in next-generation technology, we are also committed to playing a key role in improving diversity in the tech industry. Diversity is important to us from two perspectives. The first one is to help drive diversity of thoughts and bring different perspectives into our organisation to foster an inclusive working environment. The second perspective is the role we play in breaking barriers for people to get into tech through our model and training. We believe our contribution can have a far reaching impact in the industry, by developing the diverse role models of tomorrow’s tech industry.”