Using stemwomen.com to attend an event


We are delighted you are attending one of our virtual events and have created this short guide to enable you to get the most out of the event. It's really important that you have a strong profile, and know how to navigate and utilise the platform efficiently. 

This guide is split into five sections;

  • Your profile
  • The 'General Info' tab 
  • The 'Companies' tab
  • The 'Jobs' tab
  • The 'LIVE Presentations' tab 

Your profile

You can log into your account on stemwomenevents.com at any time, and from there you can see our upcoming events, read any messages in your inbox, and check your notifications. You can click on your avatar in the top right corner and open your profile, here you can make changes to improve your profile for the event.

Employers can search event attendees based on the information in their profile, so it’s really important to fill out subjects studied, experience, skills and languages. Think of this as a mini CV overview, use the summary section to let employers know who you are and what you are looking for.

Use the preferences at the bottom to indicate what types of roles you are considering - that way employers will know what opportunities to reach out to you with! Finally, be sure to attach your CV, this will maximise your chances of being headhunted by the employers, and shows you took the time to populate your profile. 

The 'General Info' tab

You will log into the platform the same way as usual on event day, but when you click into the event itself, things will look a little different. Use the tabs under the event banner to move around the platform.

Information on the 'general info tab' will no longer focus on the sign up process, but let you know detailed information about the talks that are taking place, along with the social media info you will use to follow along with the event on social media on the day!

The 'Companies' tab

The 'companies' tab shows you all of the employer stalls, and you can click into these stalls to read more about the companies, see their live jobs, candidate requirements, videos and other media, plus the reps who you will be speaking with when you start a chat.

Once you click into the companies tab you will be able to browse the company stalls. To interact with any of the companies please click onto their stall.

At the very top of a company stall page you can begin a chat with employers. Just click any of the 4 boxes below 'Start a chat with a representativie'. 

Be sure to read the FAQ first, so you don't ask anything that has already been covered. Once you are in a chat, employers can upgrade the chat to voice or video call (this depends on the employer, some do not offer this). You don't have to upgrade if you don't want to, but if you are interested in this make sure you are in a quiet setting and look professional.

The 'Jobs' tab

Use the 'jobs' tab to navigate to our job search area. 

Here you can use the filters on the left hand side to search for jobs being offered by our employers based on the job type, industry and location. You can also search by entering keywords into the search bar!

The 'LIVE Presenations' Tab

This tab takes you to our live talks area. This is where you should go to hear the welcome talk, employer insight talks, skills sessions and panel sessions. Every talk takes place here, so you can keep coming back at different times during the course of our event. Remember to visit the General Info tab to see the timings and subject of each speaker session.

During live presenations you can ask questions using the chat function. You can upvote questions that have already been asked, so they move higher up the feed and are more likely to be answered, so it is worth checking what has already been asked before posting your question.

Next Steps:

As we approach our event day, please complete the following tasks to get the most out of the event.

  • Prior to the event: Update your profile and attach a CV.
  • Event morning: Prior to the event starting, login and check out the “General info” tab so you can make a note of all the speaker sessions that you want to watch. Then familiarise yourself with the platform by viewing the other tabs.
  • Be prepared: Ensure that you look professional and are in a quiet location as employers may ask if you want to progress webchats into voice or video calls during the event.
  • Start of event: Make sure you head to the “LIVE Presentations” so that you can watch our welcome talk!
  • Throughout the event: Ensure that you visit the “Companies”, “Jobs” and “LIVE Presentations” tabs. You should be able to ask questions via webchat and apply for any jobs that are of interest.
  • Finally, we hope you really enjoy our event, and would be grateful if you could complete the feedback questionnaire that will be sent afterwards!

So, what are you waiting for? Update your profile and browse the site in preparation for event day HERE.

Questions? Drop our friendly team an email at events@stemwomen.co.uk!