Software Engineering Analyst (Student & Graduate Opportunities)

Software Engineering Analyst (London / Budapest)

  • Graduate Scheme (August 2020)
  • Internship (June 2020)
  • Spring Insight Week (April 2020)

BlackRock is responsible for the financial well-being of governments, foundations, and people saving for retirement, their children’s education, and hopes of a better life.

Our investment platform, Aladdin, helps make this possible through its mission: To make the world’s investing information transparent and actionable.

Aladdin is more than a technology, it’s an operating system for investment managers, traders, developers and more. It’s a technology platform that runs the investment process end-to-end, provides analytics and other software. BlackRock, as an asset manager, is a user of Aladdin, as well as over 200+ financial services firms across the industry.

Software Engineering at BlackRock builds products and services to meet the needs of BlackRock and all of our clients.

Our Software Engineering team is known for:

  • Being passionate about technology and solving complex problems
  • Being from diverse industries and educational backgrounds
  • Developing in Java, Python, Cassandra, Kubernetes, Kafka, Docker, a host of languages and open source technologies
  • Being technology thought leaders that unlock incremental innovation and drive technology culture at BlackRock

As a Software Engineering analyst you will:

  • Gain a broad understanding of the investment process and the capabilities of Aladdin
  • Become a life-long learner through our BlackRock Academies
  • Work closely with senior engineers developing specific parts of the Aladdin platform. Take ownership of small projects and watch your creations be released to thousands of users
  • Use cutting edge technologies such as Spark, Storm, Solr, Cassandra, Hadoop, Angular, React, iOS, and more
  • Collaborate with colleagues to create innovative products during firm wide hackathons
  • Meet smart, fun people through volunteering, employee and professional networks, and every-day interactions
  • Participate in four 6-month assignments across various teams during a two-year rotational program, providing a breadth of experiences to teams, technologies and businesses.