The pan-University AI Institute at the University of Surrey offers a unique environment where academics will help shape the future of AI as part of a community of co-creators.

Taking a different approach to much of the UK’s AI activity, we put the needs of individuals and society at the very heart of everything we do. This means we can drive research and enable the design of AI technologies and systems which are ethical, responsible and inclusive.

Whether you join us as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader, you will be part of an academic team that will set the direction of travel for research in this richly rewarding field.


Roles and specialisms

Our research agenda will centre on five cross-cutting ‘grand challenges’ focused on people and society. Your work will answer key questions in one of the following:


Trustworthy and Responsible AI

How can we ensure AI benefits everyone? How do we make it trustworthy, fair and inclusive? What are the cross-sector challenges this raises in areas ranging from healthcare to education? How can we embed responsible AI throughout research, design, development and deployment of AI technologies? Addressing these is crucial to realising the potential of AI.


AI for education, information and entertainment

How can we deploy AI so it continues to enhance the way we learn, communicate and access information? How can it personalise education and media content and create life-enhancing entertainment technologies in the fields of audio, video and other creative applications? In the future, AI training will be required to ensure a fair future workplace.


AI for health and wellbeing

How can we realise the great promise for transforming almost every aspect of healthcare and health research, from clinical trials to health economics? How do we leverage the potential to personalise healthcare monitoring, diagnosis and treatment for the individual in the community and at home? Realising these possibilities requires a close link between AI expertise, health expertise, key stakeholders and the public.


Human-AI interaction

How do we naturalise interaction between people and AI? What are the key challenges we need to address to optimise its use in the future? Building on Surrey’s cross-disciplinary strength in AI for audio-visual machine perception of people, language translation, human perception and interaction design, there is a significant opportunity to lead future research in natural human-machine communication.


AI for society

How can AI disrupt business models and working practice? How can it be deployed to optimise digital supply chains and new digital platforms? How do we understand the macroscale societal impact of the AI transformation to ensure it is inclusive and fair, and benefits everyone? Our research will address the issues AI presents for data security, drawing on Surrey’s DECaDE National Centre for Decentralised Digital Economy.



This is a chance to drive and shape these strategic areas. While we are broadly looking for candidates who focus on them, we are open to applications from academics outside these areas. If you feel you have something unique to contribute to the field, and to lead the next generation of research in people-centred AI, please contact us.