Portfolio Analytics Analyst (Student & Graduate Opportunities)

Portfolio Analytics Analysis (London / Budapest)

  • Graduate Scheme (August 2020)
  • Internship (June 2020)
  • Spring Insight Week (April 2020)

BlackRock is responsible for the financial well-being of governments, foundations, and people saving for retirement, their children’s education, and hopes of a better life.

Our investment platform, Aladdin, helps make this possible through its mission: To make the world’s investing information transparent and actionable.

Aladdin is more than a technology, it’s an operating system for investment managers, traders, developers and more. It’s a technology platform that runs the investment process end-to-end, provides analytics and other software. BlackRock, as an asset manager, is a user of Aladdin, as well as over 200+ financial services firms across the industry.

The Portfolio Analytics Group (PAG) delivers analytics that provide transparency to each client's whole portfolio on Aladdin.  The group uses world-class data, financial models and technology to create actionable insights for investment and client teams.  Analysts develop a broad understanding of finance, clients, and technology; they learn to navigate all groups at BlackRock to solve business problems.

Our Portfolio Analytics Group is known for:

  • Problem solving: We partner with investment, risk and client-facing teams to understand their business problems and provide differentiated, creative solutions using Aladdin analytics
  • Innovation: We sit at the intersection of finance and technology. We conceptualise, design and implement new capabilities to ensure that Aladdin remains the best platform for clients to understand and manage portfolios and risk
  • Centralised & scalable operating platform: Aladdin is a global investment platform that helps us solve problems in a scalable and efficient manner

As a PAG analyst you will:

  • Gain a broad understanding of analytics, markets, and Aladdin’s capabilities
  • Utilise analytical models, reports and large-scale data processing tools to help investment teams and clients manage their portfolio risk, exposure and performance
  • Perform special analyses in response to market events, new business needs and client needs
  • Contribute to the creating, testing and roll-out to risk managers of financial models, analytics and reporting for new security types and products
  • Provide rapid response tactical solutions leveraging critical thinking, programming skills and creativity
  • Coordinate with colleagues globally, across cross-functional teams
  • Engineer processes and enhance tools to deliver analytics and support BlackRock’s Aladdin technology infrastructure
  • Improve operational efficiencies to enable scalable business growth
  • Work with technology and analytics groups across BlackRock to build and deliver scalable customised solutions leveraging Aladdin APIs and the Aladdin Data Sciences platform