Information Technology & Developers

Information Technology – Developers – (will do rotations within the two teams who are recruiting – Front Office Systems & Core Technology and Innovation)

As a graduate developer you will interact with many aspects of the bank's daily operations, working on agile projects of all sizes - some self-contained, others encompassing many teams around the organisation. You will be developing your technical skills and business knowledge with the support of suitable mentors and technical leads to help you grow in the role. The following departments are recruiting:

The Front Office development team at Mizuho International is focused on providing solutions for pricing, executing, booking and processing of trades to the trading business. This is a dynamic and fast paced environment incorporating vendor and in-house systems.

The Enterprise Delivery development teams are part of the Core Technology and Innovation Department at Mizuho International at Mizuho International focuses on delivering scalable and robust data delivery around the entire bank, providing an enterprise grade messaging and data storage infrastructure for other IT teams to build around. This is a very technically strong and delivery focused working environment consisting of the following teams:

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Team are focused on providing integration solutions for complex financial solutions across all Bank functions including Front, Middle and Back Office and incorporating vendor and in-house systems. IkasanESB, an Open Sourced Java framework based on industry standard Enterprise Integration Patterns, underpins all integration software within MHI and is a best of breed integration platform targeted to the Financial Industry.

The Enterprise Data team manage the storage and distribution of the bank's core data using cutting edge big data platforms.

The ideal candidate will possess demonstrate excellent problem solving skills, a strong ability to adapt to new technologies quickly and ability to clearly communicate technical and non-technical topics while working alongside other developers and business analysts