Developer - Immersive

The Immersive department is looking for developers with a range of experience to join our London Immersive team. Developers are responsible for assisting in devising and implementing both internal prototypes, and delivering high-quality products and projects for both IP and brand clients across a range of mediums; VR, AR, real-time animation and other exciting platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

·       Develop clean, optimized high and low-level code in engine within the designed framework

·       Identify technical issues and solve complex problems with innovative solutions

·       Develop and test code, fix bugs, and profile and optimize code to an agreed design strategy

·       Work with CG artists from Film VFX and Real-Time in order to implement assets in-engine

·       Document and peer review technical designs with other engineers

·       Research innovative ideas to improve efficiency and satisfy technical requirements, especially when it comes to convergence areas involving the usage of game engines to produce non-interactive content.

·       Work with Producers, technical and creative leads to provide input for the budgeting process for technical development/engine elements of a production


Required Skills / Experience
·       2+ Years of experience in game/engine development
·       Experience with XR hardware platform(s)
·       Strong experience with C++, C#
·       Strong experience with Epic Unreal Engine (+ Unity a plus)
·       Rendering/animation knowledge (real-time rendering, animation)
·       Excellent communication skills
·       Software architecture, mathematics and physics understanding
·       Understanding of game development, real-time rendering and game engines
Personal Attributes
·       Highly committed and able to work independently and as a team
·       Positive attitude towards learning and sharing
·       Extremely organized with excellent attention to detail
·       Deadline oriented; able to work in a fast-paced environment
·       Able to solve problems as they arise and remain calm in high-pressure situations