Computer Science online MSc

Even though demand is high for computer scientists, they are in short supply, with particularly few women in the field. In fact, by 2022 more than 500,000 people will be needed in the UK to fill positions in the three highest-skilled groups in the digital arena. Consequently, as a woman with digital skills, you become highly sought-after by prospective employers across a range of different sectors.

The University of Bath’s Computer Science online MSc offers you the chance to elevate your career through digital skills, code and real-life application. Whether you want to be a software engineer, developer or a technical analyst, this 100% online course will give you all you need to progress.

In this online MSc Computer Science online course you will learn and understand the core theories and practices in computer science, developing a solid base of knowledge. You will understand core Computer Science theories and practices and, most importantly; be able to think critically, actively contributing towards the body of knowledge in the industry and really pushing the boundaries with code.

Jess Crees, who studies the Computer Science online MSc, notes that 'studying a degree online gives me the freedom to continue working full-time while I study. I don’t have to sacrifice my current job to improve my future prospects and I find that my colleagues are often interested in what I’m learning too.’

The University of Bath heads up the Institute of Coding; an initiative made up of universities and corporations committed to plugging the digital skills gap. This initiative helps develop skills where they’re most needed in order to create the next generation of digital specialists. This initiative means that the University of Bath is ideally placed to help you develop the skills that employers need the most, in order to advance your career goals.

Recent research by the Institute of Coding reveals that over half of women in non-digital jobs are deterred from pursuing a digital career, ‘because they did not know how to retrain or did not believe that they had studied the subjects necessary to work in digital’. This online MSc offers you the chance to advance or redirect your career, even if you do not have a technical background. If you’ve got the passion, Bath will help find the computer scientist in you.

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