Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc

From political uncertainty to finance and recruitment demands, economics are integral to everyday decision-making. The University of Bath recognises this and the Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc takes you beyond the research papers and into the real world, giving you insights that you can immediately action in your chosen field.

The online master’s in economics is run by the Department of Economics, recognised globally for its research in economic theory, econometrics and finance. The course is led by active, published researchers with years of experience in economics who will teach, support and inspire you throughout your studies.

The course director for the Applied Economics online MSc, Dr Simona Montagnana, emphasises the scope of the online degree ‘economics can be as elegant and pure as a break-through mathematical theorem, as effective as an automatic trading algorithm, or as committed as an education or health campaign. By doing the MSc in Applied Economics with Bath you will learn how to see through the economic nature of societal challenges and learn how to turn sophisticated theories into working practice.’

Within the online course, you will learn how to analyse, interpret and critically evaluate economic data and research, how to use micro and macro-economics to guide strategic decision-making. During the 100% online course you will learn how to apply these principles you have learnt to real world economics and policy issues, and even your own research projects.

The Guardian 2020 recently rated the University of Bath’s undergraduate economics degrees fifth for career prospects after six months. Whether you’re looking to work in government or industry, in banking or in finance, the University of Bath will support your career aspirations. 

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