Geeky Girl Reality

Geeky Girl Reality (GGR) began as an online survey that evolved into an online community. 

GGR is a supportive online space for women interested in STEM and STEAM careers. 

Our annual survey attempts to capture the experience of young women who are potentially on a STEM career journey. We analyse survey results to document their user needs and these needs influence the content we promote and share in the community. 

We would love to hear your stories and experiences! 
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Goal of GGR Online Community:
- Showcase local and global opportunities for women in STEM
- Support women currently studying STEM subjects
- Raise awareness about lack of women in STEM roles
- Build a global, online community where women interested in STEM can connect with other women all over the world
- Share knowledge and life experiences and encourage more women to get interested in a career in STEM

Vision for the GGR Online Community:
- Women visiting GGR will be inspired and encouraged to pursue their passions in science and tech.
- Everyone who visits GGR will learn about the most current experiences of women in science and tech.
- Those who visit GGR will gain a clear understanding of the factors contributing to the gender gap in science and tech.
- Women will be able to gain access to mentors, scholarships, internships, and any tools that might to help them succeed in science and tech.

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