CGG is a pioneering Technology Company providing world class fully integrated Geoscience services, within the global Energy sector. Created in 1931, our history tells the story of a profession conducted with passion and of an adventure stretching across five continents. We employ in excess of 5,500 people worldwide, who bring a unique blend of talent and energy through working together to deliver unrivalled innovative solutions to our customers. Join us to deliver unrivalled geoscience insight to our clients, through complex data science techniques and ongoing development of our powerful software. Through our cutting-edge Technology in Geoscience, we have achieved outstanding leadership, with a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering the best sustainable solutions to our clients' energy challenges.

Based on the foundations of mathematics and applied physics, we bring our clients a unique range of technologies, manufactured equipment and services; all designed to generate stunning 3D images, geological data and remote sensing information of the Earth’s structures.